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Auarita MP102 LVMP medium pressure low flow MP102 spray paint gun sprayer china china sprayer

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Auarita MP102 LVMP medium pressure low flow MP102
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Product description

Auarita MP-102 High Quality Spray Gun 1.0mm LVMP AIR SPRAY GUN gravity stainless steel 250ml cup auto Car face Paint

Type: Gravity nozzle:
Working pressure(MPa) (bar) : 0.15-0.25(1.5-2.5) Spray width(mm): 220-240
capacity (cc): 250ML

Product Features: 1. LVMP Spray Gun. Low pressure, high flow, high coating efficiency, compliance with international environmental
requirements. 2. hardened stainless steel nozzle and needle, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life. 3. fine
uniform spray paint, spraying high-end products to meet the requirements. 4. PTFE activities seals, durable wear 5. Common seals
are made of rubber solvent resistance, good corrosion resistance. 6.Surface three nickel-chrome plating, the best protective
layer. Main purpose: The main materials used for various manufactures small area coating and coating defect repair, to get a good
coating Edge effectsMP-102